Hot Shot Media

Hot Shot Media is the developer of a unique and exciting suite of interactive online entertainment products based on the revolutionary convergence of social gaming and networking wrapped around digital imagery and photography – or what we like to call ‘social photography’.

On 17 February 2010, the Mooter announced that it had signed a Heads of Agreement with Hot Shot Media, completing the acquisition of Hot Shot Media Pty Ltd on 3 September 2010. The resulting partnership with Hot Shot Media Singapore will allow Mooter to exclusively market and commercially exploit the full extent of the Hot Shot’s ImageSocial photo networking platform, including its suite of games, gaming and competition-based products.

The Hot Shot Media Group has now been effectively established for approximately 9 months. During that period the Group has been systematically developing a number of increasingly progressive and purpose devised photo contests – moving sequentially to the introduction of prize pools as the Group prepares for the international launch of perhaps the world’s largest and most intriguing online contest.

Hot Shot is working closely and strategically with the Hollywood LA office of a major international entertainment, talent and lifestyle brand-management company to commercially attach specific and iconic sponsorship to what has been devised as a massively compelling and competitive game/contest related to the most impressive and potentially life-changing prize pool the web has seen.

The first step in the scheduled program was the introduction and release of Snapshot Scholar, a contest held between students at Stanford University and the University of California – Berkeley, two traditional college rivals within the San Francisco Bay Area. Students were competing for both a $5000 scholarship and a $2000 University bequest in their name.

The next step in the Snapshot Scholar series of contests is currently live across California, and will be followed by the first release of an international test segment, which will include Australia.

Most recently, Hot Shot launched FotoVotr, a more refined and developed implementation of the ImageSocial platform and the launch pad for several of our social media integration features. Fotovotr’s first iteration continues and enhances its integration with Facebook and additionally ties integrally into Flickr, the world’s largest dedicated image-hosting network, in a number of novel ways.

Initial test applications have proven the popularity of the photo networking genre and, more importantly, its monetization and commercial potential.

As the Hot Shot casual games unit continues to develop more complex games – from puzzles to card games to isometric virtual worlds – the further potential for both brand revenue and user-derived revenue will become both compelling and distinctly obvious. The two distinct business divisions [the contest and competition unit and the casual gaming unit] are drawn together by the convergence of photography, social networking and social gaming and are both equally and separately monetizable.